API Geoservices

API that serve your mapping needs.

MapIT Map Tiles

Clean and simple map

We design our own cartography map to enable a cleaner look for viewing information. This allow user to have a more refined analytical view, with more information placed on top of it without too much obstructions.

Mapping Services

Country wide coverage

Geocoding, Routing, Point of Interests (POIs), Roads, Public Transports and many more are readily available for your consumption through API calls. We have our own proprietary algorithm for Geocoding that is able to sort any complicated address strings you can find in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.
Get in touch with us to try it out to believe it!

Business Oriented Services

Enhance business analytic

We have demographic information for all major cities in Malaysia to help with making business decisions readily available to you. We have well known record of working with big industries such as Telco, Banking, and Public Transport.

Geocode API Demo

Just type an address or location before pressing ‘Enter’ or clicking the ‘Search’ button to search.