Location Intelligence

A database on local geolocation

Business Geographics

People often understand things better when they see things graphically.

Maps are excellent graphical tools. MapIT provides consultancy & map analytics services that help businesses to save money, increase sales and achieve higher goals through better, fact-based decision making.
MapIT can help businesses to:
  • Analyse and track distribution & sales based on sales territories
  • Identify and determine target markets
  • Determine viability of a particular service based on location
  • Identify and plan for any new market opportunities
  • Analyse new locations for best opportunities for existing or new products or services

Branch/Customer Distribution Analysis for Businesses

MapIT has complete demographic data for Malaysia:
  • Population density
  • Race
  • Age
  • Gender
  • And many more
These data are used by MapIT’s clients in the banking, telecommunications, and FMCG industries to determine the optimum location for their branch or dealerships using our interactive web-based mapping solution.


MapIT’s maps has helped many FMCG-based companies in their daily operation & strategic planning works.
Now the maps are used by major logistics planning software that can help businesses in route planning, monitoring and management reporting.
Our maps can also be used to determine the best route based on various factors, such as fuel consumption,
number of delivery stops, priority & time windows, economical & optimal route and many more.
For further information and assistance, feel free to let us know.